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We Are Amplify

We are ideally suited to scaling and fast growing businesses, one’s that have reached the tipping point where key appointments and heads of new departments are needed to drive the business forward.

We have specialist knowledge and experience in the Eco4 and Decarbonisation arena, understanding the industry so acutely and the impact accurate strategic appointments can make. That skill set is however transferrable across all industries.

We know you need reliable partners with you along the journey.

The Amplify Roadmap

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Our People

Senior People Consultant

Carolann Thompson

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With nearly 12 years of experience in the dynamic field of recruitment, I am deeply committed to revolutionizing the candidate journey. My mission? To ensure that every interaction, from initial contact to onboarding, is marked by positivity, personalization, and seamless efficiency.

🔍 What Sets Me Apart:
Client-Centric Approach: I believe in forging lasting partnerships with businesses, understanding their unique needs, and delivering tailored recruitment solutions without the hefty fees.
Candidate Empowerment: Guiding candidates through the recruitment process isn't just a job—it's a privilege. I strive to empower individuals, helping them secure their dream roles in thriving, growth-oriented organizations. Human-Centred Philosophy: Cold sales tactics have no place in my playbook. I prioritize authentic connections, fostering trust and rapport with every interaction.

🚀 Career Highlights:
Successfully placed numerous candidates in roles that align with their aspirations and organizational culture, contributing to both individual and company success stories.
Implemented innovative strategies to streamline recruitment processes, resulting in increased efficiency and satisfaction for all stakeholders. Consistently received positive feedback from clients and candidates alike for my attentive, people-focused approach.

🔑 Key Values:
Passion: I am driven by a genuine love for what I do and a relentless pursuit of excellence in every aspect of recruitment.
Integrity: Honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct guide my interactions, ensuring mutual trust and respect with clients and candidates.
Impact: Beyond filling positions, I aim to make a meaningful difference in people's lives by connecting them with opportunities that inspire growth and fulfilment.

Let's connect and explore how we can collaborate to create exceptional recruitment experiences and drive mutual success!

Systems and Automation Manager

Luke Scarr

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🚀 System Automation Expert | Business Solutions Provider

With over 13 years of hands-on experience in business, I specialise in driving organisational efficiency through system automation. As the founder of Amplify, I am dedicated to supporting scaling businesses by addressing their pain points in system automation, including CRM integration, web and mobile app development, ERP system optimisation, and IT support.

My expertise lies in harnessing technology to streamline processes and enhance productivity. Whether it's implementing innovative solutions to automate workflows or developing tailored systems to meet unique business needs, I am passionate about leveraging technology to drive sustainable growth.
My mission is simple: to empower my clients and partners to achieve their goals. By delivering high-quality services and solutions, I strive to exceed expectations and foster long-term partnerships built on trust and mutual success.

I am a firm believer in the value of continuous professional development. I actively seek out opportunities to expand my skills and knowledge, embracing new technologies and methodologies to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Let's connect and explore how I can help drive your business forward with innovative solutions and unwavering dedication to excellence.


See What People Are Saying About Amplify

Joe AshworthContract Manager, Lancashire Gas Services and Sencat

Very helpful from the start and was always polite and professional. Carolann played such an important part in my recent employment with Sencat/LGS ! Thank you again!

James WignallBid Writer, Eco Providers

Carolann was amazing from start to finish when I applied for the position at ECO Providers, from chatting prior to the interview and helping with prep. She is still in touch now and is all round brilliant… I highly recommend her!

Laura GrimshawHR Assistant, Sencat

Carolann was very bright and bubbly which made me feel relaxed, she supported me throughout the process answering all of my questions (there were a fair few) along the way. She made the experience so positive and even supported me in my interview.

Daniel HallamFleet Manager, Sencat

Carolann helped me from the initial query on my current position. Had all the information I required for the role, offered assistance and was very supportive for interview preparation. Once the job offer came through, Carolann was still on hand to answer any queries I had going forward. She ultimately made the transition so much easier.

Kevin RawdingHeating Surveyor, Eco Providers

Carolann the role and the company very well. She arranged my interview and sent confirmation and links to the company website to help prep me for my interview. A nice good luck message on the day of my interview and a call after. All went well and I’m now half way through my first week in a new job at a great company. Massive thank you Carolann. This is the start of a new career.

Emily CowmanInternal Recruiter, Eco Providers

Carolann was fantastic in explaining each step of the recruitment process. She has a wealth of knowledge and was on hand to help me with any questions I had. Extremely professional, yet still approachable. I would highly recommend anybody looking for a new position to get in touch with her.

BPS Fluid Power & Automation

Working with Amplify has been an absolute game-changer for our organisation. When we faced the daunting challenge of modernising our ERP system, we turned to Luke at Amplify for their expertise, and they delivered beyond our expectations.
Their innovative solution of introducing two SAAS-based products resolved our immediate problem of an outdated on-premises system and opened up new possibilities for scalability and flexibility in our operations.
Since implementing the solution recommended by Luke, we've experienced a remarkable increase in operational efficiency. This has translated into tangible results, with a significant cost-saving of £100,000 over just 36 months.
Luke's commitment to understanding our unique needs and delivering tailored solutions has truly set them apart.

Tom MyersManaging Director, Eco Providers

In December 2023, Carolann took the lead in a project aimed at optimising the company's recruitment process.
Her strategic efforts proved highly successful as she managed to bring in six highly talented individuals to join the company. By handling the recruitment process internally, Carolann was able to save the company from incurring the substantial fees typically associated with external agencies.
Based on industry standards of 17%, the fees for a three-month contract would have reached £43,180.
Furthermore, in addition to the recruitment efforts, Qudos Consultancy provided invaluable support in training and guidance for recruitment, as well as expert advice in navigating social media and awards.
All of these services were included within the project resulting in significant cost savings.
Carolann's exceptional work in streamlining the recruitment process and delivering outstanding results has saved the company significant costs. The company extends its heartfelt appreciation to Carolann for her dedication and exceptional contributions to the project.